Big Brother Africa

Beverly and Angelo Kissing

The two could not hold back anymore.

Pokello gets a warm welcome in Zimbabwe

Pokello was evicted last weekend. See the limo gal.

Handsome Melvin

Melvin reps Nigeria.

Dillish rocks with her cuteness

Dillish reps Namibia

Sunny day for Housemates

Housemates chilling in the lawn.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Angelo and Beverly finally get into the act

Watch the latest video of Beverly and Angelo having a steamy moment in the bathtub.

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Angelo-Beverly Video (+18)

We promised to follow up on any story that happens in the house. We also take the trouble of bringing you the latest BBA videos that you cannot find anywhere else.

Angelo-Beverly seems to be the only surviving relationship in the house. Housemates are getting more jittery as the inch to the jackpot. Whether the heat of this competition has taken over or there is interplay of other factors, we all need to be entertained. 

With Angelo and Beverly holding it down, or rather slow, we can only look forward to more juicy stuff. The couple has indulged and kissed on several occasions. The video below brings the height of romance.

Enjoy it and leave comments.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Dillish: Shower Hour Video (+18)

This Namibian hottie is here to stay. Dillish surprised us when she survived eviction, even after playing too reserved during the few weeks of staying in the house.

Dillish seems committed to her relationship outside the house, even despite the insurmountable temptation. We take the trouble to bring you the latest videos of anything events in the house. Especially what you cannot find easily out there.


Watch Beverly Oiling herself (Video)

Beverly has kept distance from men for a long time in BBA. Last week, Beverly and Angelo locked lips in a passionate kiss. We all thought that Beverly had finally found a man to settle with. However, the Nigerian woman has kept it cool leaving Angelo with nightmares. On Saturday morning, Angelo confessed to Oneza and Sulu that he liked Beverly.

It will be interesting to watch what this new developing relationship. Meanwhile, the two enjoy the comfort of not being up for eviction.

Watch the latest video of Beverly showing her beautiful body.